Amid an investor backlash against his high pay, Occidental Petroleum Chief Executive Ray Irani will announce next month at a board meeting that he is leaving that post, according to an investor and a company source who did not want to be named. The sources said that Irani, 75, would name a date in 2011 for his departure as chief executive, but would remain on the board. Will pay $14 million to its former chairman Ray Irani as part of a severance agreement, ending a year of turmoil and drama at the oil giant.

Benefit of having this procedure done is that as we age, if you live long enough you will develop a cataract and at some point around ages 70 80, you will need cataract surgery. If you have this procedure done now, you won need to have cataract surgery in the future. Likely your eye will heal a lot faster at a younger age.

Oh jeez. I think this is less about Facebook hating breastfeeding and more about Facebook knowing that some people out there will get their jollies out of looking at this woman breasts. Call it beautiful and special and natural all you want, but the fact is more people than you probably suspect will look at pictures of bare breasts in any setting and get turned on by them.

For decades, for generations, the United States has served as a beacon for democracy and freedom. Some two thirds of the world’s 192 countries are now democratic, the highest ever for the widely admired form of government despite its inherent messiness. Any slide on part of the US into a totalitarian way of governance could endanger, if not extinguish, democracies across the world.

And it has resulted in great discord. The word Trumpet could all so simply be referring to Donald Trump. Whereas Trump himself is shaking up the citizen’s and causing great discord.. (1) Natural foods burn more energy than processed foodsNatural foods are made from the earth, animals, and fish. This includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, tubers, legumes, lean beef, poultry, eggs, fish, and seafood. Processed foods are commercially prepared foods for convenience.

“A deflated football is an advantage for a quarterback to throw and a receiver to catch in the conditions they played in Sunday,” said former Washington Redskins general manager Charley Casserly, who once sat on the NFL’s rule making competition committee. “Regardless of that, if the ball is deflated below what it’s supposed to be, that’s a huge issue. If one team has deflated balls playing at any point, especially in bad weather, that’s a huge advantage.

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