These developments follow a week marked by violence, protests and an exchange of fire across the border. Soner Cagaptay directs Turkish research at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Good to see you again.. Ronald Reagan began the process a generation ago, reaching out to evangelical, Bible Belt Protestants, who had shied away from politics ever since the Scopes “Monkey Trial” in Tennessee in the 1920s. In Reagan’s case, the motivating force was the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision supporting a woman’s right to an abortion, which led Catholics to ally themselves with conservative Protestants..

Scott gave the comedian a chance to respond to accusations involving alleged sexual assaults. Though some of the allegations go back a decade or more, they have been in the news in recent weeks. Eric Deggans reminded us today that Cosby has not directly addressed them.

Here’s the rub: Alongside Schumer’s concern for these vulnerable Democrats is a sudden burst of energy on the left, not only to express deep rooted anger at Trump but growing impatience with congressional Democrats. If they don’t push far enough, the liberals will be angry. If they push too far, they risk losing seats..

Damian Johnson and his brother opened their first barbershop in Charlotte in 1997. Now, they’ve got a number of them, all going by the name No Grease, including a location on the city’s west side. All the barbers wear bow ties, and the place is decked out in midcentury modern furniture.

KENNETH TURAN, TIMES FILM CRITICIrish Harbor Full Blooded Love of Genre : Music: Caislean, a trio from Atlanta, brings its hobby of traditional fare to the San Juan Capistrano Library. RICK VANDERKNYFF, SPECIAL TO THE TIMESKinnear A Comedy Soup : Television: The host is smirky, self deprecating and sometimes quite funny a good fit for the anything goes ambience of the talk show. HOWARD ROSENBERGPlaying the Oscar Game Like a : Movies: Despite the clamor, some argue that List may not be a shoo in at the Academy Awards.

Of course, the real irony here is that many proponents and many detractors of this law claim to speak for God with equal certainty about what exactly God wants. Perhaps the certainty and stridency expressed by both sides is itself the problem here, or at least the real barrier to solving it. The track record of people so ready to speak on behalf of God, or God’s will, is less than stellar, to say the least..

I’m a parent of a 9 1/2 year old boy with autism. The autistic brain tends to process info into literal form; sarcasm, jokes, puns and other non tangible ideas can be hard to mentally grasp. Like religion. The surface of paper is a good example. You can see just how rough it is if you peer at it under a microscope. When light hits paper, the waves are reflected in all directions.

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