You can’t draw a moral equivalence between Israeli and Palestinians and simply count casualties. It’s well known that hamas shoots rockets indiscriminately into Israeli cities from atop of hospitals, schools and most densely populated areas in order to inflict the most self casualties from Israeli retaliatory strikes, thereby winning favor in the media. They routinely use women and children as human shields.

He became the first North Korean leader to visit South Korea since 1953 in April. President. And North Korea will achieve these goals.. You say it as if it happening in the 100000s every day. Regardless it disgusting but the USA is 100% homophobic and what happens to people there is equally fucked up. Gays getting beaten, killed etc.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis Style IconThe 1960s will be remembered for a time when fashion changes came fast and furious. The “Kennedy’s”was in the White House, and first lady Jacqueline Kennedy is young and vibrant, took the country by storm with her wonderful flair for fashion. ” Jackie” became a fashion icon very quickly in her few years at the White House, and her influence on women’s attire continued throughout her life..

Also in the Top 10: Clear and Present Danger (based on a Tom Clancy novel,), The Flintstones (based on a Hanna Barbera cartoon), and The Mask (based on a comic book). Squeaking in at Number 10 was a wildly energetic and unpredictable crime picture, one that exuded originality from every pore taking its title from a genre where formulaic plots and stock characters are celebrated. The biggest hits of 2004 were Shrek 2 and Spider Man 2, followed by Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which was, you know, based on preexisting material, if not exactly in the same way that Meet the Fockers was..

But at Google I/O conference in San Francisco, a number of things are obvious. When enough people have Glass that it becomes normal then the fear factor evaporates. It easy to forget you wearing Glass yourself because the lightweight, titanium frame isn too intrusive, and it doesn take long to stop staring at other people wearing them.

Draining the energy out of a hurricane is a tall order, because the storm systems are a lot more powerful than people realise. Release heat at a rate equivalent to a 10 megaton nuclear bomb exploding every 20 minutes. Using oil to nip hurricanes in the bud before they form won work either, he says, because it impossible to predict which of the many storm disturbances seen in the ocean will actually become a hurricane..

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