I am about 30 pounds overweight and it is killing me. Every time it gets serious I drop a few pounds, and then I start feeling better again and slip back into my old habits. Winter is the hardest time. Giggles. That’s what she gets for uttering the F word. Naturally.

Had I become so narcissistic that I thought the production company and network owed me something? Surely not, I was expendable to them, finished, used up. But what about my experience? It belongs to me and nobody has the right to take it away. Unfortunately, they do.

Thankyou for the Advice! Sadly enough my compression is amazing with an avg of 130psi in each of the 3 cylinders, which I’ve heard is a great thing to have all three about equal. Brand new gas mix, but I am thinking that I and going to either get a new tank or clean this one thoroughly because I’m on a budget and it’s a bit grimey. Spark plugs have spark (I definitely felt that one for sure) but for the $10 it’ll cost me I should replace for the sake of them being new.

I know I’m breaking your heart. So go on, say what you want to. I’m not gonna stop you. I run a twitter account for one of my subreddits with 10,000+ followers. I have a partnered Discord server for the same subreddit, so I am very familiar with that platform as well.I love this show, and I love this subreddit, and I be honored to help it grow.insertblankhere 143 points submitted 24 days agoI don care about brands, though some have more quality selection than others. For women I found brands to be unreliable.

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She deserves legal punishment for animal endangerment and she’s a shitty person. But that STILL doesn’t justify people taking her social media photos and editing them to harass her or sending her death threats. If she’s a shitty person, then the people insisting they’re better than her need to act like it by being the bigger person.

She got me out of the meeting and shamed the parents. She also reminded them that she was on the HOA board, she was one of the parents who was in charge of the pool (specifically the vending machines), and she was the officiant of the team (swimmers take your mark). She said if they ever tried to pull this shit again, winter team or summer team, to me or any other kid, that they and their child would be gone so fast they get road rash..

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